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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the drilling positions for doors, particularly ovens and tall housings?

    The standard drilling for most kitchen doors is 117.5 mm. from either end of the door.

    For appliance housings and tall housings, the door configuration and drillings are shown on the website due to the complexity of the offer. Note the top hinge hole of the top door and the bottom hinge hole of the bottom door are always pre-drilled to accommodate positioning.

  • What materials are the doors made from?

    This information is available here.

    Supporting Document
  • How many shelves come with a Larder unit?

    One fixed shelf and 4 adjustable shelves.

  • How many shelves come with an Oven Housing?

    Two fixed shelves.

  • Where are the fitting instructions?

    In the 600 & 1000 base units.

    Supporting Document
  • How do you hand a Magic Corner?

    Not necessary as the wirework is now universal.

  • How do you know which hand to order for a pair of 180° Kidney Shaped Carousel shelves?

    If the LH is blanked then it's a RH set and if RH blanked then its a LH set.

  • What is the difference between the eco and the Colonial Specification?

    Adjustable legs, Drawer box, Hanging bracket & Hinge system are all a different specification.

    Drilling positions for ends are detailed within the drilling guides in the above sections

  • Why aren't the replacement ends compatible?

    The hanging system for Eco wall replacement ends differs from that of Colonial wall units, and repositions the groove for the back by 2 mm.

    The base replacement ends are also drilled differently to minimise manufacturing errors between the 2 ranges.

  • What 22 mm and 25 mm panels are available in what ranges?

    See product listing.

  • What is the smallest door width?

    715mm height x 146mm width is available in all Colonial ranges.

    Smaller doors can be manufactured in Tempo Avola and PVC styled doors with an origination charge.

  • Why don't the shelves fit in an open unit?

    They do but the solid back has to be in maximising on the depth of the open area. i.e. widest section to the open cupboard.

  • Can a drawer be fitted under a built under oven housing?

    This is now an option on eco + Colonial. See price guides.

  • Which way does the grain run on a blanking or fitting panel?

    The first size in the product listing has the grain running along it. i.e. 2800x1025x18 the grain is <>.

  • Which way does the grain run on a replacement end?

    Vertical when fitted.

  • Which way does the T&G run on a Plant- on panel?

    Vertical when fitted.

  • Can a 2 metre LED flexible light be shortened?

    Yes cut shorter, but the offcut cannot be reused.