New JJO - SpaceSaver Combi

Eco Bathrooms Combi Unit

JJO plc Enforce
Eco Bathrooms Design Rights

JJO plc a leading British manufacturer of kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture has concluded separate legal actions against Mereway Bathrooms Ltd and Cassellie Ltd. .

The proceedings were brought before the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, for infringement of registered and unregistered design rights in the ‘combi’ basin and toilet furniture, marketed under the ‘Eco Bathroom’ brand.

Both cases have been settled prior to the court date on agreed terms. In agreeing to the settlement Mereway did not admit any liability in relation to any of the allegations in the court proceedings, but they have agreed to pay costs and damages to JJO.

The proceedings against Cassellie were settled on agreed terms which included the granting by JJO of a royalty-bearing licence meaning that Cassellie will make a payment to JJO each time they sell one of the combi units.

JJO plc Managing Director Stephen Greenhalgh said, ‘JJO are a British Manufacturer with a proud heritage of innovation in the production of fine furniture. We will rigorously defend our intellectual property rights, where we feel we have been wronged. Our recent legal actions should stand as a warning to others who may consider infringing our registered designs’